General Container transportation

With close cooperation of COSCO、CMA、APL、WHL、 EMC、HMM、MOL、MCC、KMTC、ZIM、SITC、HPL、PIL etc more than 20 shipping company and built strategic partnership.We have the advantage in shipping schedule,space and rate. Meantime,China Sea can provide the DDU and DDP service and related hommization services.

International Air Freight

Air freight is one of the China Sea mainly activities.We providing the import/export service from GUANGZHOU,SHENZHEN,HONGKONG airport direct line or transfer to all over the world.

Our major cooperative airlines:CA,CZ,LH,KE,AK,MU,CI,HU and UPS etc.

Introduction of business–International Air freight:

China Sea has own team of operating and customer service in GUANGZHOU,SHENZHEN and HONGKONG.We also have the agent system of international air freight.Our service can fulfill all the requirement of the customers.No matter the quantity of the cargo,airport to airport,door to airport;door to door transportation.We can design the solution of the air freight for the customers.

Special Container transportation

Our company based in south China carry out special agent import and export container transportation business, and says there for a long time, CMA, APL, WHL, EMC, HMM, MOL, MCC, KMTC, ZIM, SITC, HPL, PIL and other several large shipping companies established a good cooperative partnership. In southeast Asia, Middle East, ind-pakistan, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America and other routes have certain freight advantages.

Types of cargo we specialize:Glass,steel structure,construction equipment,heavy lifting cargo,project equipment,yacht and non-standardized cargo.We are special good at door to door all kinds of over-length,over-width ,over-height, over-weight huge machinery and equipment door to door ,door to CY multi-modal transportation.We have rich experiences in handling the Open Top container,Flat rack container,Framed container etc.

1. The define and situation of Shenzhen OOG of special container OOG

Special container OOG is short for OUT OF GAUGE(over-sized container),it means transportation of over-sized,over length,over-width,over-height,over-weight.At present, there are many irregularities in special container shipping, there are some risks when the clients choosing the forwarder.China Sea has been focused on the special container shipping since 10 years ago.So we have the rich experiences in risk management and advantages in the shipping charges and bunks.

2. Our advantage and feature in special container transportation
  1. With the cooperation of many ship-owner,We can provide the enough bunks and competitive price.
  2. Professional marine team with more the 10years experience in heavy lifting cargo transportation ,we can design the transportation plan for you and meet all your needs.
  3. Trailer home service,professional storage yard,professional loading,lashing,consolidation,all in one service and equipment simple dismounting.
  4. We have some Open top containers available.It can be provided to clients in the condition of the lack of containers from the shipping company.

You will get the above services since you select

DG cargo transportation

DG cargo(DG ,hereinafter) ,Whoever has the explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, radioactive and other properties, in the process of transportation, loading and unloading, storage and keeping, easy to cause personal casualty and property damage and need special protection of the goods, dangerous goods. .

China Sea has specialized in agent of import/export of DG cargo of Class,2,3,4 and Class 9 in Guangdong Area.Our major strategic partners :Maersk,CMA,APL,COSCO,KMTC,HMM,ZIM,SITC etc.

We have professional team for DG cargo transportation,we have many experienced operator and DG cargo declarants.We have the DG fleet and warehouse.Providing the services of loading inspection,lashing,photo,customs declaration,marine,port inspection,insurance and booking spaces.

Our mainly served shipping line:South East Asia,Middle East,Indian&Pakistan,Australia,Europe,North America etc.,

Classification of dangerous goods and our major:

Class 1.Explosive(We can handle fireworks,Shanghai and North Sea port only)

Class 2.Compressed gases and liquefied gases (we can handle Air fresheners, lighters, pesticides, spray paint, snow, carbon dioxide)

Class 3.flammable liquid(we can handle Paint, water, acetone, industrial glue, methanol, epoxy resin, adhesive etc)

Class 4.Flammable solids, spontaneous combustion articles, and flammable articles exposed to dampness (we can handle Matches, charcoal, ferrosilicon, red phosphorus, sulfur, phosphorus)

Class 5.Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides(we not handle Potassium chlorate, three chromium oxide, urea peroxide, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide )

Class 6.Toxic and infectious substances (we not handle agricultural chemicals)

Class 7.Radioactive(We are not handle rare metals, high-end medical equipment etc)

Class 8.Corrosive(We are not handle phosphoric acid, nitrous acid, hydrofluoric acid, storage battery, mercury)

Class 9.Miscellaneous (We are not handle Lithium battery, Tung sulfate etc)

Break Bulk Cargo Transportation

Types of cargo we specialize:all kinds of the project machinery and vehicles,pressure vessel,metro projects,Airport equipment, yachts, buses, ceramic presses, steel structures, engineering projects, transformers, steel products.

The unit weight per shipment not exceeding 12000Tons,the chartering services from South of China to all south east asia port.

Roll on Roll

Types of cargo we specialize: light vehicle, mini bus, bus, pickup and all kinds of the general transportation cars, excavator, auto crane, press, road loader, pump truck, semitrailer, oil tanker and the project equipment and autos.

Domestic Lake/Sea Transportation

Lake tranportation and sea transportaion of pearl river delta from Shanghai,Tianjin etc to the ports worldwide.

Domestic Land transportation

The type we specialize in transportation of heavy cargo ,OOG(over height,over weight,over width)equipment.The type of the trucks as below:


Transport Insurance:

It may broken,leaked,package damaged,stolen or can’t get the cargo during the transportation.According to the general practice of the general average and salvage charges, cargo transportation insurance can also be held responsible for compensation.

The insurance can solve all the problems which you lost.China Sea not only responsible for the transportation for the customers,but also responsible for the related insurance for the value-added service.So that can make sure your cargo safety.We can provide the competitive and satisfaied rates on the transport insurance to protect your cargo.