DG cargo(DG ,hereinafter) ,Whoever has the explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, radioactive and other properties, in the process of transportation, loading and unloading, storage and keeping, easy to cause personal casualty and property damage and need special protection of the goods, dangerous goods. .

China Sea has specialized in agent of import/export of DG cargo of Class,2,3,4 and Class 9 in Guangdong Area.Our major strategic partners :Maersk,CMA,APL,COSCO,KMTC,HMM,ZIM,SITC etc.

We have professional team for DG cargo transportation,we have many experienced operator and DG cargo declarants.We have the DG fleet and warehouse.Providing the services of loading inspection,lashing,photo,customs declaration,marine,port inspection,insurance and booking spaces.

Our mainly served shipping line:South East Asia,Middle East,Indian&Pakistan,Australia,Europe,North America etc.,

Classification of dangerous goods and our major:

Class 1.Explosive(We can handle fireworks,Shanghai and North Sea port only)

Class 2.Compressed gases and liquefied gases (we can handle Air fresheners, lighters, pesticides, spray paint, snow, carbon dioxide)

Class 3.flammable liquid(we can handle Paint, water, acetone, industrial glue, methanol, epoxy resin, adhesive etc)

Class 4.Flammable solids, spontaneous combustion articles, and flammable articles exposed to dampness (we can handle Matches, charcoal, ferrosilicon, red phosphorus, sulfur, phosphorus)

Class 5.Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides(we not handle Potassium chlorate, three chromium oxide, urea peroxide, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide )

Class 6.Toxic and infectious substances (we not handle agricultural chemicals)

Class 7.Radioactive(We are not handle rare metals, high-end medical equipment etc)

Class 8.Corrosive(We are not handle phosphoric acid, nitrous acid, hydrofluoric acid, storage battery, mercury)

Class 9.Miscellaneous (We are not handle Lithium battery, Tung sulfate etc)