Our company based in south China carry out special agent import and export container transportation business, and says there for a long time, CMA, APL, WHL, EMC, HMM, MOL, MCC, KMTC, ZIM, SITC, HPL, PIL and other several large shipping companies established a good cooperative partnership. In southeast Asia, Middle East, ind-pakistan, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America and other routes have certain freight advantages.

Types of cargo we specialize:Glass,steel structure,construction equipment,heavy lifting cargo,project equipment,yacht and non-standardized cargo.We are special good at door to door all kinds of over-length,over-width ,over-height, over-weight huge machinery and equipment door to door ,door to CY multi-modal transportation.We have rich experiences in handling the Open Top container,Flat rack container,Framed container etc.

1. The define and situation of Shenzhen OOG of special container OOG

Special container OOG is short for OUT OF GAUGE(over-sized container),it means transportation of over-sized,over length,over-width,over-height,over-weight.At present, there are many irregularities in special container shipping, there are some risks when the clients choosing the forwarder.China Sea has been focused on the special container shipping since 10 years ago.So we have the rich experiences in risk management and advantages in the shipping charges and bunks.

2. Our advantage and feature in special container transportation
  1. With the cooperation of many ship-owner,We can provide the enough bunks and competitive price.
  2. Professional marine team with more the 10years experience in heavy lifting cargo transportation ,we can design the transportation plan for you and meet all your needs.
  3. Trailer home service,professional storage yard,professional loading,lashing,consolidation,all in one service and equipment simple dismounting.
  4. We have some Open top containers available.It can be provided to clients in the condition of the lack of containers from the shipping company.

You will get the above services since you select