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Major Cargo Break-Bulk Services

For a large quantity of goods, the transportation cost of bulk carrier is relatively lower. However, the shipping schedule of bulk carriers is affected by the loading and unloading efficiency of terminals and the weather, which is prone to be delayed. Cargoes need to be reinforced twice during loading, which requires high level of port operation in loading and unloading ports, and is prone to cargo damage during lifting and sailing. Due to cargo allocation, some cargoes may need to be loaded on the deck, which is weak in waterproof and easily affected by dampness.

From the point of view of saving transportation cost and feasibility, bulk and miscellaneous cargoes whose weight or size greatly exceeds the operating capacity of container liner can be chosen to be transported by bulk and miscellaneous vessels, such as: large generating sets, large yachts, locomotives, moving equipment, large mining equipment, wind turbines, heavy machinery and equipment, and so on. Break bulk vessels are specialized in transporting non-packaged goods and bulk cargo, and have a wider range for cargo weight and size.

China Sea has been specializing in the transportation of vehicles, machinery, equipment and other bulky cargoes over the long term, and has maintained close communication and good cooperation with most of the break bulk carriers and shipowners in the shipping market. Our transportation routes cover Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and Australia and other importing countries of large machinery and equipment. We understand the characteristics of each shipowner, and are capable of designing professional transportation solutions and providing good services for our customers according to their requirements in terms of sailing schedule and ship loading.

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